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The Ventriloquists

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6-29-15: on Wednesday, July 29, we will be playing the historic El Rey theatre for a very special evening to raise funds for Our House Grief Support Center. We are very excited to be part of such a great cause and look forward to seeing you all there. Information and links follow...

On Wednesday, July 29, the OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center Associate Board will host the 7th annual Night for Hope at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Organized, led and created by a group of 24 young professionals, the Night for Hope raises awareness and funds for the continually growing need for grief support services within our community. For more than 20 years, the mission of OUR HOUSE has been to provide grief support services, education, resources and hope to children teens and adults. For additional information regarding the event or OUR HOUSE, please contact Shannon at 310-473-1511 or


support our house grief support center


4-17-15: We were stoked to play "The God in our Glass" on Balcony TV with our friend Eric Lilavois


4-26-14: Here's a video of one of our collaborations with The Ten Thousand at our last show. This is our "Tentrilqouists" version of their tune, "Chisel Away"



4-20-14: Our Next Show

3-26-14: 4/20 is coming up! We are doing another Sunday afternoon collaboration-thon at The Mint. This time we'll be playing with one of our favorite LA Bands,
The Ten Thousand.

Doors are at 2pm.

Get tickets to this show here.
Get more details on our Facebook event page here.

Those of you who came to our last iteration of this format know that it is a really freakin' cool way to watch music. Our collaboration with Eric Lilavois (known at Ventrilovois) was a great interweaving of the two groups that created a sound neither has by itself. We will most definitely be doing a show with them again. We're really looking forward to seeing what happens with The Ten Thousand in the format.

We shall name this group The Tentriloquists

1-29-14: Well, we've been holed for for a while, eh? Busy, busy...

Well, Sunday February 16, we're about to change that by having what we're affectionately calling "The Profane Gospel Brunch" with Eric Lilavois at The Mint, on Pico, at 2:00pm.

We will be interweaving our songs into 2 sets that move inbetween songs that are grouped together by their vibe, rather than who sings it. We're really looking forward to it. Lots of collaborations and experimenting with covers. Good times.

Click Here to Get Tickets to The Ventriloquists and Eric Lilavois at The Mint on Sunday, February 16th at 2:00

8-16-13: Our new 3-part song, "The Scream Before the Silence" is now available for preview on youtube (video is above). Keep an eye out for it's appearance on itunes. It was premiered on an excellent radio show called KBYD Radio hosted the talented Cassandra Delta (thanks, Cassie!).

If you're logged into Facebook, you can see photos of our "Scream..." recording session.

the ventriloquists the scream before the silence

"The Scream Before the Silence" is:

I. Filling the Void
Jeff Glassberg: vocals, bass
Danny T. Levin: vocals, guitar
Garth MacAleavey: drums
Joel Martin: pedal steel
David Moyer: piano
Ian Souter: vocals, guitar

II. Whirlwind
Jeff Glassberg: bass
Danny T. Levin: fender rhodes, guitar, piano, alto horn
Eric Lilavois: cymbals
Joel Martin: pedal steel
David Moyer: piano
Carina Round: vocals
Ian Souter: baritone horn

III. It Never Ends
Jeff Glassberg: vocals, bass
Danny T. Levin: vocals, guitar, trombone
Garth MacAleavey: drums
Joel Martin: pedal steel
David Moyer: vocals, wurlitzer, clarinet, bass clarinet
Ian Souter: vocals, guitar

Written by Danny T. Levin and Ian Souter Produced by The Ventriloquists and Eric Lilavois. Recorded at Crown City Studios in Pasadena, CA, Mushroom Stamp Productions in West LA, CA. Additional recording at CaliBlue Studios in LA, CA, Valleyheart Studios in North Hollywood, CA and Arc Of Noise Music & Wellness Center, Sherman Oaks, CA. Additional engineering and production by Joe Olender, Andrew Nassih, Joel Martin, and Carina Round. Photography by Ian Souter. Model: Maria Rangel.

7-23-13: We are in the studio at Crown City Studios again with producer extraordinaire, Eric Lilavois, putting the final mixes onto our new song, "The Scream Before the Silence." Lots of work was put in to this tune, and we are very excited to share it with you soon... very soon.

eric lilavois of crown city studios putting the final mix together for the ventriloquists

6-4-13: We had a great time at Make Music Pasadena last weekend. A big thanks to our fans who came out to the show and to the new fans that we made there. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Here's a picture from the late night session with Eric Lilavois, at the Crown City Studios Accoustic Lounge, photo by A.M. Bushe:

the ventriloquists at make music pasadena

And this is us earlier in the day in front of city hall. The image is from Crown City Studio's Instagram feed:

the ventriloquists at make music pasadena 2013

We'd also like to say a special thanks to Cassie Delta of KBYD Radiofor her kind words about our show at The Mint a few weeks ago.

6-1-13: Saturday the 1st at 4:00pm, we are playing at Make Music Pasadena, on the City Hall Stage. At 10:00 that night, we are also doing a broke down set at the Crown City Studios Accoustic Lounge at Creme de la Crepe. Here is a link to a map of Make Music Pasadena (we are on stage "M" on the map at 4:00, and stage "I" at 10:00).

5-22-13: A big congrats to Danny for playing horns on the number one album in the country by Vampire Weekend.

4-11-13: The Ventriloquists are playing at Harvard and Stone with The Herbert Bail Orchestra.

1-29-13: Tuesday the 29th at 8:30 pm. We are playing a show in LA at AMPLYFi with The Ten Thousand, We Are/ She Is and Y LUV. If you need an energy boost to get ready for the rest of the week, this is the show to go to, for sure.

1-7-13: We just updated our track list(to the left) and added a couple of tunes: "Going To Go" and "It Is What It Is."

The song "Going To Go" features backing vocals from our friends Carina Round, Lenka & Lindsey Rey, with Erik Kertes on bass.

"It Is What Is" features Simeon Shigg on Hammond B3 organ, Novena Carmel on vocals, a string section comprised of Daphne Chen (Section Quartet) on violin, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on viola, Matt Fish on cello/string arrangement, Mike Gorham on piccolo trumpet, and Dave Timnick (Intronaut) on Drums

Both tunes were produced with the help of our friend Eric Lilavois (Crown City Recording Studios).

12-22-12: Apparently, the world didn't end, so "Gomorrah" is now $1. That, on the other hand is not the end of the world.

"Gomorrah" features Itai Shapira (Decoders) on sitar, and the 90's R&B singing master, David Timnick (Intronaut), on Drums. It was produced with help from our friend Josh Rumer (Invengo Productions).

12-21-12: Danny & Ian played with our good friends The Herbert Bail Orchestra this morning on Good Morning LA and last night at Harvard and Stone for the release of their awesome new album, The Future's in the Past.

12-12-12: DOWNLOAD OUR NEW TUNE FOR FREE until 12/21/12. It's called "Gomorrah," and is a little ditty to celebrate the end of the world. Check out the bazaar scene in the last minute. Butt-rock-epicness.

12-5-12: Danny & David are playing on the #1 blues album in the country. Congrats, guys!

12-3-12: This last Sunday was spent in Crown City Studios in Pasadena, working on "The Scream Before the Silence," one of the new tunes we're currently recording & mixing. The venerable Carina Round just recorded some kick-ass vocals for the 2nd movement of the piece. We're super-stoked how it's coming together.

11-25-12: I know it's been a while since we've played a show for you guys, but you'll be happy with the new tracks. It'll be worth the wait

** if you are looking for or the download link from one of our download cards, it is here


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